Learn how to make dum-pukht recipe. How to make dam-pokhtak slow cooker recipes by Cooking with Asifa.dum pukht recipe in urdu.
Step by step dum pukht tutori.al in a sealed pot. Very unique and traditional dish especially for guests.دم‌پخت by cooking with Asifa,
Ingredients for Dum Pukht:
dum pukht mutton
Fresh Meat Large pieces (Goat/Lamb/Mutton/Camel/Beef), must be of good quality and without water pressure.
Fat 750 g , cut in cubes shape (lamb)
Salt 1 tsp or as per taste
Black pepper 1 tsp
Onion (optional) 1 medium size – cut in 4 pieces,
Potatoes 4 to 5 pieces, cut in 4 pieces,
Tomato 1 medium size, cut in 4 pieces,
Lemon 1 large size (juice 10 ml)
Green fresh chili 6 to 7 pieces
Garlic cloves 5 to 6 pieces,
Ginger half-inch pieces,

Direction Dum-pukht :
First Layer:
In a large cooking pot ( 10 – 11 liters), cubes of fat from lamb being laid in the base, then add the second layer of meat and third layer with potatoes, onion, garlic cloves, ginger, green fresh chili, salt, black pepper and lemon juice. Now sealed the cooking pot very carefully with wheat flour dough.

Dum Procedure Dum-pukht:
Cook on high flame for first 5 minutes and then slow down on very low flame for next 3 hours approx. After 3 hours open the cooking pot cover carefully with help of knife (as shown in the video),
Cook it on high flame to evaporate excess water (if any),
The delicious Dum Pukht / Dampokhtak slow cooker recipe is ready, enjoy it & serve it!
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  1. دیکھنے میں اس قدر دیدہ زیب ہے تو یقینا کہا نے میں بھی لذیذ ہوگا
    بے حد شکریہ آاللہ اپکو جزاءے خیر دے امین

  2. This is a slow cooked dangerous and unhealthy food recipe because of the addition of so much of the cubes of lamb fat (doombe). It could be made a healthy excellent recipe if done with ghee or cooking oil replacing doombe. But it may be okay for those who dam care about taking calorie and animal fat.

  3. Good video recording! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we like to come across this style of content. We create Travel & Food films too, across the world, so we are habitually looking to get inspirations and so approaches. Thank You.

  4. hello madam….in this video i cant understand that white things which was put first layer…other wise total good…what is that name….iam from india Hyderabad…. iam big love of non veg..especially Muslim recepies if chicken and mutton

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