in this video i try out recipes from the hot for food cookbook, vegan comfort classics! i make her bacon mac and cheese skillet, tofu benedict, and apple fritters! #hotforfood#vegan#sarahsvegankitchen

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  1. Love your channel. Got any recipes in that cookbook that are quick easy desserts?
    Btw check out reusable washable produce bags. I keep them with all my other grocery bags in the car.

  2. My favourite Mac and Cheese type recipe is this one from Veggies Don't Bite (

    It's by far my favourite dish and is the ultimate comfort food! my little tweak to the recipe is that i add a thin layer of bechamel sauce on top along with some panko and bake it at 400 for about 30 to 40 minutes until it gets nice and baked through and crispy! My other tweak is for the cheese sauce I use sweet potato instead of regular russet potato

  3. Great video! I love the cookbook too. My favorite recipe thus far is the filet o tempeh. I leave out the baking powder to make the batter a little thicker. It is so so good! The marinade for the tempeh really shines through. Give it a try! 🙂

  4. I have a mac n cheese spin off i make. Its a vegan Applebees honey chicken 4 cheese mac and cheese. The cheese is the best imo. I just kinda threw in w.e. the first time i made it and it came amazing. I use 3 grain tempeh for the "chicken" i fry it. I found a recipe online for the pepper sauce but i subbed honey for maple syrup. No bacon i just was lazy but u can add ur fave. Ugh so fucking amazing IMO. Non vegan approved and LOOOVED so im proud of myself. If anyone loves/loved that applebees dish and wants a sub leme know ill leave the recipe$

  5. What were the list of ingredients in the mac n cheese sauce you made? You didn't mention the last 3 ingredients. It looks so good I wanna make it mmmm

  6. I’ve fooled an entire room of meat eaters with my potato carrot queso. I’m not usually one to try to ‘fool’ people into eating vegan food, but it’s nice to sit back and watch a room full of people devour a pot of meat and dairy-less queso dip ☺️


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